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Version: 0.1.0

Getting Started

Getting started with TerrabaseDB is easy 😊 (and fun!).

Step 1: Download a bundle

Head over to this page and download the tdb and tsh binaries (only pre-built Linux binaries are available; for other platforms, you will need to build from source).

Step 2: Make the files runnable

If you're on a *nix system, run chmod +x tdb tsh to make the files executable. If you're on Windows, right-click the files and then check the Unblock checkbox and click on the Apply button.

Step 3: Start the database server

In the directory where you extracted the files, run ./tdb on *nix systems or simply tdb on Windows systems. That's all there is to starting the database server!

Step 4: Run the shell tsh

tsh is the shell that is shipped with the bundle. Run it, just like you did with the database server. Now enter commands in the shell, and have fun! You can now run the actions here!

You're done with setting up tdb 🎉!