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Version: 0.3.2


Once you've downloaded the bundle:

  1. Unzip it and make the files executable
  2. Start the database server tdb
  3. Now run tdb-bench with the options, given in order:
    • connections : The number of clients you want to simulate (we recommend at least 2)
    • queries : The number of queries you want to run. A good number is 50000
    • packetsize : The key and value size. That is, if you set this to 4, the key will have a size of 4 bytes and the corresponding value will also have a size of 4 bytes. A good size is 8, but it's really upto you

If you followed the advice above, then you should've run tdb-bench 2 50000 8. Wait for the benchmarks to be run and see the results for yourself!

NOTE: The benchmark tool is currently experimental and may show TDB to be slower! If you've found any issues or you've got an idea - report 'em here!