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Version: 0.4.2

Data Types

This table lists all data types supported by Skytable and their corresponding type symbols ( tsymbol s) and additional information.

Type symbol (tsymbol)TypeAdditional notes
+Stringthe next line is a string
!Response Codethe next line is a response code
$JSONthe next line is a JSON value
-smallintAn integer in the range: [0, 255]
_smallint signedAn integer in the range: [-128, 127]
:intAn integer in the range: [0, 4,294,967,295]
;int signedAn integer in the range: [-2,147,483,647, 2,147,483,647]
%floatA 32-bit floating point value
?binarythe next line contains binary data (often called a blob)

Do keep the matching for this symbol non-exhaustive since we might add more types in future revisions of the protocol.