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Version: 0.4.5


TerrabaseDB supports the persistent storage of data, which is an inherently obvious need for any database. In this document we explore how TerrabaseDB's persistence works.

How TDB stores data

Whenever you start the database, TDB looks for a data.bin file, which contains data from the previous run of the database server. This is a binary file and should not be edited by hand: as you might end up corrupting the file. When you shut down the database, TDB stops stops listening to all incoming connections, and then flushes the entire in-memory table onto disk and then shutting down.

Automated background saving

Since 0.4.2, TerrabaseDB supports automated saving of data in the background, via BGSAVE . BGSAVE , runs every two minutes to flush all the data in the in-memory table onto disk, unless customized through the configuration file.