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Version: 0.7.4

Error Strings

In certain situations, the server may return error strings (also known as other errors), instead of the standard response codes. This table is an index of such error strings.

Table of errors

Error StringMeaning
Unknown actionThe action is not known by the server
err-snapshot-busyA snapshot operation is already in progress
err-snapshot-disabledSnapshots have been disabled on the server-side
err-invalid-snapshot-nameThe supplied snapshot name has invalid chars
default-container-unsetThe connection level table/keyspace was not set
container-not-foundThe keyspace/table was not found
still-in-useThe object couldn't be removed because it is still in use
err-protected-objectThe object is not user accessible
wrong-modelAn action was run against the wrong data model
err-already-existsThe table/keyspace already exists
not-readyThe table/keyspace is not ready
transactional-failureA transactional action failed to execute
unknown-ddl-queryAn unknown DDL query was run
malformed-expressionThe expression in a DDL query was illegal
unknown-modelA DDL query was run to create a table of an unknown model
too-many-argsMore args than required was passed to a DDL query
container-name-too-longThe container name was too long
bad-container-nameThe supplied container name has illegal chars
unknown-inspect-queryAn unknown INSPECT query
unknown-propertyAn unknown table property was passed to CREATE TABLE
keyspace-not-emptyThe keyspace couldn't be removed because it still has tables
pipeline-not-supported-yetPipelining is not supported in this server version
err-auth-disabledAuthn/authz is not enabled
err-auth-already-claimedThe username has already been created
err-auth-illegal-usernameThe username is too long or has invalid characters
err-auth-deluser-failThe user cannot be removed