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Version: 0.7.5


Who doesn't like speed and as a consequence, benchmarks? So here's a guide on benchmarking Skytable with our tool sky-bench .

Step 0: Getting the benchmarking tool

You'll need to download a bundle from the releases page and unzip it. In the following steps we'll assume that you have unzipped the archive and you're in that directory.

Step 1: Starting the database server

Open a terminal in the current directory and set executable permissions. Now start the server by running ./skyd (or just skyd on Windows).

Step 2: Run the benchmark tool

Open another terminal in the current directory and then run sky-bench with no arguments if you want to use the default options, or run sky-bench --help to see available configuration options. Hold tight, you'll know when it happens 🚀.


JSON Output
If you're a bit nerdy, we know it — you'll like some structured data. Well, all you need to do is: run sky-bench --json for JSON output!