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Version: 0.7.5

Building from source

Of course you can build it from source — but with quite a bit of hassle. The database server is a bit fussy with its builds, so you'll need quite a few tools before you can actually start using it.

Step 1: Install pre-requisites

As Skytable is written in Rust, you'll have to install the Rust toolchain to build it (a little messy, but not too messy). Go to this page to set up Rust on your local machine.

Besides, the TLS/SSL components are written in C (OpenSSL) — so you'll need to install:

  • A C compiler for your platform
  • GNU Make (make)
  • Perl

Step 2: Clone the tag

Run this from your terminal:

git clone --branch v0.7.5
Bonus tip

If you want to avoid downloading all the version history, run this instead:

git clone --depth 1 --branch v0.7.5

Step 3: Build it!

Expecting that you're still in the same directory, run:

cd skytable && cargo build --release

This will take crazy long at times, so hold on until Cargo finishes building things

Step 4: Get the binaries

You'll need to copy skyd and skysh (or skyd.exe and skysh.exe if on Windows) from the skytable/target/release folder. Be sure to copy these exact files and not something else!

Step 5: Run it!

Now start the database server by running ./skyd and then start the interactive shell by running ./skysh. You're ready to use the actions!