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Version: 0.8.0


If you've done something incorrectly, then the server will respond with an error code (just like HTTP status codes, but note that the server will not respond with an error code if no error occurred, unlike HTTP 200!).

Handshake errors

These errors occur before the connection is sucessfully established.

CodeMeaningLikely explanation
0Illegal packetClient library bug because it sent an incorrect handshake packet to the server
1Incompatible handshake versionServer does not support handshake version used by client
2Incompatible protocol versionServer does not support protocol version used by client
3Incompatible exchange modeServer does not support the chosen data exchange mode
4Incompatible query modeServer does not support the chosen query mode
5Invalid authentication dataEither an incorrect username or password (or both) or the client library generated an illegal authentication header

Query errors

These errors can occur when running a query.

CategoryCodeMeaningLikely explanation
0Server errorAn error ocurred on the server side. Most likely a problem with I/O on the host
1OOMThe server is out of memory
2Unknown errorAn unknown error occurred and the server did not provide any information on why
3Authentication errorReturned when a DCL query tries to do something invalid
4Transaction errorA transactional operation failed. Reasons could include an I/O error, too many retries, long running threshold timeout
5Permission deniedThe query tried to do something that isn't allowed for the user
6Illegal client packetThe client sent a malformed query
25Invalid inputReturned when a literal (or parameter) is incorrectly encoded. This indicates a bug with the client library
26Unexpected byteIllegal character in the query
27Unexpected end of statementExpected more tokens for the statement
28Invalid syntaxInvalid syntax used in the query
29Invalid collection syntaxA collection was not correctly formatted
30Invalid type definitionInvalid DDL type definition
31Expected entity nameAn entity name was expected (such as a model name) but was not found
32Expected statementA statement was expected but was not found
33Unknown statementAttempted to execute unrecognized statement
100DDL object not foundThe referenced DDL object (space or model or any other DDL object) was not found
101Unknown fieldAn unknown model field was referenced
102Invalid DDL propertiesInvalid DDL properties were used
103DDL object already existsTrying to create a duplicate DDL object returns this error
104DDL object not emptyA manipulation that requires the DDL object to be empty, was run on a nonempty DDL object
105DDL Illegal field declarationThe field declaration was not correct. Either because the type was invalid or because invalid properties were set.
106DDL illegal model definitionThe model definition is incorrect
107DDL illegal alter model statementThe alter model statement (or any other related statement) is invalid (for example, trying to remove a primary key column)
108DML duplicate constraint violationA row with the primary key already exists
109DML data validation errorInput data validation failed
110DML unindexed columnThe column which was referenced as an index is not indexed
111DML row not foundThe referenced row was not found
112DML needs lockThe operation needs a global lock