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Version: 0.8.2


Here are some recommendations for deployment:

  1. Make sure you have enough memory and storage! The server will start returning errors when your server runs out of resources, as you'd expect.
  2. When deploying on docker:
    • Try to map the volume to a local path. We've had unwarranted data losses when we accidentally ended up running a docker system prune
    • Make sure you have your networking configured right. For example, if you don't map your ports correctly, you'll not be able to access the database outside docker (without running docker inspect to find the IP of the container)
    • Keep a separate folder for all your docker containers:
      • Create a directory in your home directory like: $HOME/docker-data
      • Then for every Docker image (whether it is Skytable or any other container) create a subfolder in that directory and map the subfolder as a volume for persistence
  3. Check your firewall: You want to be very sure about this! If you're starting your database on a different server (as you should; ideally you keep your database server separate from the host running your application server) then make sure that the ports are open and allowed
  4. Set up virtual memory and monitoring: To avoid exhausting resources, set up monitoring on your node and enable virtual memory to temporarily avoid OOMs