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Version: 0.8.2

Client drivers

Official drivers

The drivers that are officially maintained can be expected to be feature complete and stable. We currently support the following drivers:

Language/FrameworkLinksStatusPackage manager command
Rust (skytable)GitHub, crates.ioStable ✅cargo add skytable
Python (skytable-py)GitHub, PyPIBetapip install skytable-py
NodeJS (JS/TS) (skytable-node)GitHub, npmAlpha 🏗npm i skytable-node
More lanugages

The team is always looking to support more languages and we wish we could ship more drivers. But due to limited resources we haven't been able to. If you're willing to write a driver (it's super easy to), jump into our chat!

Community powered

List of community powered drivers (sorted alphabetically):

Language/FrameworkClient source codeUpstreamedLicenseRemarks
C# driverApache-2.0Available on NuGet
Go driverApache-2.0Written from scratch
Go driverApache-2.0Easy for migration from go-redis
JavaScript/TypeScript (Node)
NodeJS DriverApache-2.0Available on npm
PHP client driverMITCan be found on Packagist