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Version: 0.8.2

Useful links

Community and chat

  • Discord Community: The community platform that we use the most is Discord. Both our developers and users hang out almost all day around here, so you can expect to get your query resolved fairly quickly.
  • GitHub Discussions: If you prefer a more forum like discussion, then please make use of GitHub Discussions. We're fairly responsive here as well.


  • Skytable Blog: This is where you'll hear from us about major updates such as new releases, changes in maintenance and such
  • X/Twitter: On X (formerly Twitter), we post live updates as we work on new features. If there's a quick update or milestone, you'll be the first to know here
  • E-mail: While we haven't ever sent out any e-mails, if you're keen on signing up for updates in the (near) future, it's a good idea to subscribe to this list. Just like we said, we haven't yet sent out anything! We're building software, not sending you fancy email!


  • Jotsy (rust): Jotsy is a very small "blog" implementation that is written in Rust with Skytable and the Axum framework. If you're building something in Rust, do check it out
  • Client repo (rust): While this is in Rust, you might find the examples useful regardless of which language you're developing your application in

Client drivers

Please head over to the libraries page.