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Version: 0.8.2

Global management

Checking system health

The following query returns an Empty response or an error code depending on the status of the database:


If you receive an error code, we recommend you to connect to the host and check logs. If the server has crashed, you may need to recover the database.

Inspecting all spaces

The single DDL query that lets you do a "sneak peek" into the status of the entire system is the INSPECT GLOBAL query. It returns a JSON string like this:

"spaces:"["space1", "space2"],
"users":["root", "staging_server"],
  • spaces: lists all the spaces in the system
  • users: lists all users
    Access control note

    This is only returned if you are the root user. Standard users cannot see the other users in the system

  • settings: returns system settings (currently an empty dictionary is returned)