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Version: 0.7.5

Command-line configuration

You can use command line arguments alone for configuration in place of configuration files. Every binary ( skyd , skysh and sky-bench ) that you get with a bundle have extremely helpful help menus. Whatever you can configure with the configuration file can be configured through command line arguments.

  • skyd --help : Brings up the help menu for skyd
  • skysh --help : Brings up the help menu for skysh
  • sky-bench --help : Brings up the help menu for sky-bench

There is no specific advantage in using command-line arguments over configuration files or vice versa. When any kind of configuration is specified: either a configuration file or command line arguments, it is parsed once at startup and then the same configuration is used throughout. It is really a matter of choice (or convenience).


You must specify either a configuration file or command-line arguments. If you provide both the database will shut down with an error that asks you to provide either one mode of configuration