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Version: 0.7.5

Environment Variables

If you don't want to use configuration files or use command-line arguments, you can choose to use environment variables for configuration. The environment variables are divided into sections for convenience, per the configuration file.


VariableSettingExpected value
SKY_SYSTEM_HOSTSets the hostA valid IPv4/IPv6 address
SKY_SYSTEM_PORTSets the port16-bit positive integer
SKY_SYSTEM_NOARTDisables terminal artworktrue/false
SKY_SYSTEM_MAXCONSets the maximum connections64/32 bit positive integer, depending on system
SKY_DEPLOYMENT_MODESets the deployment modeShould be set to dev or prod depending on deployment mode


VariableSettingExpected value
SKY_BGSAVE_ENABLEDEnables/disables BGSAVEtrue/false
SKY_BGSAVE_DURATIONSets the BGSAVE intervalNon-zero 64-bit positive integer


VariableSettingExpected value
SKY_SNAPSHOT_ENABLEDEnables/disables snapshotstrue/false
SKY_SNAPSHOT_DURATIONSets the snapshot intervalNon-zero 64-bit positive integer
SKY_SNAPSHOT_KEEPSets the maximum number of snapshots to keep0 for keeping all or any positive 32/64 bit integer
SKY_SNAPSHOT_FAILSAFESets if writes should be disabled on snapshot failuretrue/false


VariableSettingExpected value
SKY_TLS_PORTSets the TLS port16-bit positive integer
SKY_TLS_ONLYEnables/disables TLS only modetrue/false
SKY_TLS_CERTSets the location of the TLS certString
SKY_TLS_KEYSets the location of the TLS private keyString
SKY_TLS_PASSINSets the location of the TLS private key passwordString


VariableSettingExpected value
SKY_AUTH_ORIGIN_KEYSets the authn origin keyA 40-byte long ASCII string