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Version: 0.8.0


Welcome to Skytable's docs! Skytable is a free and open-source modern NoSQL database that builds on the foundations of performance, scalability, powerful querying and a robust type system. Skytable can be deployed as just a single binary file with no special system dependencies and only relies on the operating system's libc implementation.


Skytable has it's own query language, BlueQLTM which provides everything across DDL, DCL and DML queries and exists to be a very powerful and secure alternative to SQL. If you're coming from SQL, you should feel just at home — BlueQL has a few small but important operating differences from SQL but has very similar syntax.

We recommend you to follow the guide in this sequence (but feel free to skip any sections):

  • Installation and using the CLI: Get everything installed on your local system
  • System overview: A brief introduction to Skytable, including an overview of the data model, query systems and storage
  • BlueQL:
    • Introduction: Serves as a basic introduction to the query language and an (currently incomplete) informal specification with information on keywords, syntax and stuctures.
    • DDL: Data definition with BlueQL
    • DML: Data manipulation with BlueQL
    • DCL: Data control with BlueQL
  • Configuration: Information to help you configure Skytable with custom settings such as custom ports, hosts, TLS, and etc.
  • Administration: Information on access control, user and other administration features
  • Resources: Helpful resources
  • A guide to the new Skytable: For old our returning Skytable users who are coming from older versions
  • Benchmarking: A guide for load testing Skytable
  • Deployment: An useful guide for deploying
  • Limits: An useful guide on system limits

Client drivers

Looking to integrate Skytable in your application? Great! Find a driver for your language/framework here.

Getting help

We have a collection of resources on this page. If you need in help in real-time, we recommend that you join our Discord Community where you can get help directly from the developers and our community members. Most queries are usually answered there in a few hours!


If you find any typos, mistakes or any other scope of improvement - please don't hesitate to bring it up here. Thank you ❤️!


The documentation is licensed under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License